IMPORTANT - On July 29, 2020 a federal district court issued a preliminary injunction suspending the public charge rule. This is likely to be appealed up to the US Supreme Court (again) and if history repeats itself the Supreme Court could quickly issue a decision on this. So it may be prudent to prepare clients to have to comply with this.

This app is designed to help lawyers determine if the new public charge rules will adversely affect an applicant's ability to get an immigration benefit.

The following documentation will be needed to properly assess public charge inadmissibility (and will be submitted to USCIS if the public charge regulation applies to the applicant). Having the information available when completing this application will improve the app's ability to assess the applicant.

  1. A tax return or an IRS tax transcript for the most recent tax year (or a Social Security Statement if neither are available);
  2. A credit report and the applicant's recent credit score);
  3. Documentation of additional untaxed income;
  4. Asset ownership documentation (such as a real estate appraisal);
  5. Copy of health insurance policies;
  6. Child support orders and custody agreements for any children being supported who do not reside in the applicant's household.